Friday, March 23, 2012

A Korean Galbi Restaurant

Marinated and grilled meat has never been so wonderful.

Dalk galbi: Marinated and grilled chicken
Served and eaten with chilli pepper paste, onions, and lettuce and sesame leaves
See how our grill is set into the table?  The waiter will come and chop and flip and necessary.  Sometimes there are large tubes that hang from the ceiling that act and vents and suck up smoke from the cooking food.  This restaurant didn't have any ceiling vacuums on the second floor where we were.
Gyeran jjim: Korean egg souffle
Served boiling in a stone bowl
Eel and samgyeopsal
The samgyeopsal (fatty pork belly meat) is so-so and is better when eaten like galbi with some thin rice cake on top, but the eel?  Run.  Just run.
The soju face
We sit on the floor at this particular restaurant and use thin mats to keep our butts from falling asleep too much.

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