Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My self-titled Korean boyfriend.

Besides the classes with my Korean class teacher, the best Korean lessons come from the weekend taxi drivers.  Today's lesson: 여자 친구 (girlfriend: yeoja chingu) and 남자 친구 (boyfriend: namja chingu).

Then came THIS little gem of a conversation (the italicized parts were in Korean):
"You have boyfriend?"
"Yes, yes! I have a boyfriend. He is an American ...Handsome man.  Love, love, love."
"Oh...  Boyfriend... kiss?"
" *Exaggerated gasp* Tsk tsk. No!"
"Oh...  Boyfriend no kiss.  You lesbian?"
"Ha! No! I am not a lesbian!"
"Oh...  You have KOREAN boyfriend?  You, Lindsay, my girlfriend!  You me kiss?"
"Ha ha! No! You kiss??  My mother (would say): 'Lindsay, WHAT??' My younger sister: 'Lindsay, WHAT?? My boyfriend… Love, love!"

But, I blew him a kiss after paying him for the cab and left smiling as he repeated, "Lindsay.  Beautiful.  My girlfriend."  :)

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  1. I love it!

    I'm glad you blew him a kiss.


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