Monday, March 5, 2012

New-ish Obsession: Dance

 I know that dance is gushed about as being this transcendental experience that goes beyond the physical and reaches form the inner most being to something beyond through some ecstasy of movement.  How awesome would it be to be able to stand firm on that and to hold it as a banner for what would be my passion.  Perhaps that will happen one day, but for now, I'm just super psyched about the many opportunities for expanding my reborn hobby of dancing.

I wish I could say that I started young, that I have a good foundation, and that I have natural talent.  I don't have those things, but I've got rhythm, diligence, and serious interest.  My first shot at any kind of dance was the Sunday night swing jam off campus during my college days.  Then there were the occasional girl dance parties, one carefully choreographed hall project, two semesters of dance class, and I was involved in a small dance performance and dance team.  When I got to Seoul and learned that it's the Lindy hop capitol of the world, I started to hit up the swing bars in hopes of honing what I want to turn into something serious.  (Seriously awesome, that is.)  A few of my friends have started to come with me, two of them have gotten me hooked on the idea of trying out their salsa clubs, and, to top it all off, a dude at my church started offering a free hip hop class!  I'm religiously attending every Tuesday night session.

A lot of the people from my Bible study group are in hip hop with me.  We hang out a lot at Sim's place, and, the last two times, we've ended up watching battling dance movies.  Last time it was Stomp the Yard, and tonight's choice was Step Up 3.  Those movies combined, that's about 3 hours of awe, exclamation, and groovin' right along as best as I can.

I feel like I missed the boat to be excellent at hip hop (I'm already 23), but I will kill at lindy hop one day, and it's just fun to imagine myself as some great dancer with smooth moves and flair.  These movies are perfect for inspiration.  I'm going to recommend Dirty Dancing: Havannah Nights for next time.

Want some snapshots of the glory?  I've got a couple of my favorites for you!  (It took a long time to narrow my choices down, I tell you what.)

Hot Daaang, check out some of the sickest isolation I've ever seen, presented to you by the amazing robotic Chadd Smith in Step Up 3D.

More sick step moves brought to you from Stomp the Yard

K, last one: The trailer for Step Up 3D which shows some sweet action and wraps in the happy good feelings that are associated with the freedom, the sweat, and the dedication of dance

Let's do it!

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