Thursday, March 15, 2012

Teaching is awesome

I've been sick with a sore throat and a fever, and I've been discouraged by how little energy I've had for school, but I was still blessed with these little gems we culled this week.

The new spelling of "beautiful?"

Aaron's answer to "Would you like to have Mr. Roy as your teacher?"
"No, because I don't like people with glasses."
Alex.  Same question.
"No, I don't like to have Mr. Roy as my teacher.  Because I like pretty and kind woman teacher."
Extra points for Alex.

An appropriate sentence to illustrate "leader?"
(Spoken softly behind a protective hand) "Teacher, I am the leader of the ninja group design."
Extra-extra points for Simon

March 14th is Korea's White Day.  It's the counterpart to Valentine's Day which is traditionally the day for women to give their men chocolates.  On White Day, the men give their women white things like candies or cakes.  This Wednesday, it was halfway through the day when I realized why I was getting sweets from the kids.  My favorite was a scone and a piece of chocolate truffle cake which Daniel's mom sent me from Starbucks.  As I said, I've been sick, so the appreciation was greatly appreciated.

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