Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Elegance Class Goes on a Field Trip: Science Museum

On my last day of work, the preschool classes had a field trip!  Also, my co-teacher, Bridget, was assigned to a different class for the day.  This meant that I had my lovelies all to myself for our last hours together.

They were absolutely wonderful.  I'd never seen them so alive and excited to roam around.  They constantly said, "What's that?"  I said, "I don't know!" and they would pull my hand and run toward the mystery.  I love learning myself, and I am so eager to instill that in my kiddos, too, so I was on cloud nine.  I was with my favorite children in the world, they were happy, we were learning, and everything was perfect.

Here are some pictures.

Waiting outside


The girls were taken with the astronaut.


Min-Sun in the astronaut helmet

Not always the most put together group, but definitely my favorites.

Ryan was taking these pictures for us.  The kids loved getting to use my camera.  They also love putting their scarves on my head.

Yoo-Jin was especially darling today.

Judy was absent this day, but these are my kiddos and I.  Ah, I will never see them again, but I will love them for always. For always.  If I say more, I'll be rambling, but know that I could go on forever about these wonderful children.  

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