Monday, December 3, 2012

Guest Post Series: Felicia Barkman

My blog friend, Felicia, is next in the Guest Post Series!  She likes to send and receive snail mail, and she writes at Light & Shadow.  That's actually where I first met her.  She and I had both been a part of a link up on the blog, The Little Things We Do.  I remember it being easy to tell that Felicia and I had a lot in common, and we've been blog friends and, on occasion, pen palls ever since!  Today she's writing about Steinbach, Canada, and what makes it home for her.


Hi everyone! I'm so honoured that Lindsay has asked me to guest post on her blog. Today I'm going to tell you a bit about where I live. I live in Steinbach, a small city in southern Manitoba. When I was growing up, everyone wanted to move out of Steinbach because it was so loserly to live here. But I'm here to tell you today that I am never leaving this place. Sure, there isn't that much obviously exciting things to do here, but fun is what you make it, right?

The main reason I love my city is because of my church. From the first time I attended a service 7 years ago, I knew that I had found my home. I knew that I was going to dedicate my life to that body of believers and serve my Lord there. How I knew that right away, I'm not sure. I think it was because I grew up going to church that was boring. Nothing was really happening in people's lives. No one was being challenged and called out. But Southland church was right on the money. It was everything I ever wished I would find in a church and more - community, service, truth impacting hearts, and worship bands all playing to the same beat! Wonderful!

In the past 7 years I've been there I can't even begin to tell you how my life has changed as a result of being in a church where the Holy Spirit moves so powerfully. Of course, I'm not even close to the place where I wish I was, but who really is? I also know that there is something going on here that I desperately want to be a part of in even the most minuscule way. And isn't that what home is? Finding a thing you want to be a part of and sticking with it through anything and everything?

One of my passions in life is that everyone would find their home. A place to belong. A place to welcome. A place to be dedicated to. A place where people care for you. And my prayer today is that it would be in a Godly place where you can grow. So no matter how boring the place where you live is, maybe there can be something exciting going on under the surface and you won't know until you jump in.


It's on my bucket list to visit Felicia in Canada, but you can visit her blog, Light & Shadow, without buying a plane ticket.  Enjoy!


  1. Eeeeks no pictures! I'm sorry :( But thanks so much for posting anyway! Guest posts are fun!

  2. It's fun to read about your town Felicia, and I love what you said - even "boring" places can be fun if you look a little deeper! That's how I feel about my little town too. :-)


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