Saturday, December 8, 2012

SLP Gym Day

Every year my school, Gangnam SLP, will hold a family gym day down by the Han River.  It's on a Sunday, and the teachers have to get to school early to take the bus to the River, but we get to hang out with our kids without having to teach and correct their English.  That's super nice, especially since my favorite part of teaching is getting to play with the students.

Gearing up for the start of the day

Morning stretches

A resistance race of sorts

On the sidelines

Three legged race

Parent/Child race

Family shot

Two more little Min-Suns!

Elegance walks to the starting line

Foot race

White Team forever


  1. How fun! I want to come play too :)

    My elementary school had something similar called "Field Day" and even though I'm terrible at running and anything athletic, I enjoyed having the day off to roll down the hills that bordered the field!

  2. Kelly, we had Field Day, too! I remember getting a ribbon for the... oh what are they called? You know those small squares of plastic or wood that had four wheels at the corner? Then you'd sit on it and push around with your feet? I can't remember what they're called, but I placed in the race. :) Too bad I couldn't keep the athleticism into my older years. Haha!


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