Friday, December 21, 2012

Gwanghwamun Photography Date

My good friend Steph and I, when we were first starting to be friends, found that we had a mutual interest in getting better at photography.  We both have cool looking DSLRs, but we're not the super best at using them just yet.  Therefore, we decided to try and go out together to practice.  We finally had some time in November to have our photography day, and Steph chose the perfect place.  Samcheong-dong in Seoul, including Bukchon, Insadong, and Gwanghwamun.

Hanok village in Seoul, Korea
A peaceful statement at the entrance of one of the many hanok houses in Bukchon

Hanok village in Seoul, Korea
I would love to have these on the top of my own roof.

Hanok village in Seoul, Korea
A sign in the hanok courtyard

Hanok village in Seoul, Korea
My friend Steph

Hanok village in Seoul, Korea
In the courtyard of the hanok house

Autumn in Korea is absolutely beautiful, and we just so happened to  have the loveliest of weather on this day.

An old, old door in Bukchon

We came across a very large group of some of Steph's girl students.  They were so shocked to see Steph outside of school, I wish I could've gotten a better picture of when they first saw him.  They were also surprised to see Steph with a girl, but we told them that, no, I'm not his girlfriend.

Autumn photography Seoul, Korea
Nearing the palace

We should have stayed here a while.


Happy people only

Gnomes in boxes

Autumn photography Seoul, Korea
Up an alley

Autumn photography Seoul, Korea
Shop and apartment faces

Autumn photography Seoul, Korea
This is the only punch buggy I've seen during my entire time in Korea.  I made sure to make up for lost time with a good punch to Steph's arm.

Autumn photography Seoul, Korea
This is the coloring I got to see through my sunglasses.  Isn't it quite pretty?

Photography Seoul, Korea
Near the Blue House

Photography Seoul, Korea
On the left is an ancient palace, no longer open to visitors, where a certain king's wife or mother (Steph couldn't remember which) was left to live out the last of her days during the Japanese occupation.

Here's me with the year of the dragon!
We just so happen to be in a year of the dragon, and I just so happen to have been born in a year of the dragon.
Dragons everywhere!


We visited a Korean History museum there by the palace.  Here is an old Korean flag, the taegugki.

Insadong temple in Seoul, Korea
Steph and I stopped by the Insadong temple to finish up the day.

Insadong temple in Seoul, Korea
The grounds were decorated for a certain anniversary, I believe.

Insadong temple in Seoul, Korea
Idols never sit well with me, but I do admire devotion wherever I see it.

Insadong temple in Seoul, Korea
Steph and Lindsay's most autumnal Korean adventure!

Just a little folklore to end with:
Tradition says that, when dating couples walk around Gwanghwamun, they will not last long.  I think it an amusing saying, but no worries.  Steph and I are romantically involved in the slightest, so we're all good.

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