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Guest Post Series: Caleb Sutton

I met Caleb at a Bible study in 2009.  We became best friends in 2010, and we became an couple in early 2011.  I've biased, of course, but this guys is super great.  One of the things that I appreciate about Caleb is his loyalty.  (Sure, it's awesome that he's loyal to me, but...)  He loves his city, and he loves his God.  I was talking with him earlier today about the content of this post he wrote.  I knew he'd brag passionately about Charleston, but when I read his conclusion, I realized that him writing anything less wouldn't have been Caleb's heart and honesty.

"The Holy City"
by Caleb Sutton

(Not Charleston)
Hello, my name is Caleb Sutton, and I hail from the great city of Charleston, SC. I have the advantage of writing my post a little late, so I can already see that many of the posts are going to be existential in nature, which affords me the opportunity to shamelessly plug my hometown.

Charleston is an amazing city. To rattle off a few of its prizes, the Holy City has an unadulterated connection with its past, which you can see in the basket weavers, the plantations that dot its landscape, the skyline, and the world famous Battery. It has great beaches and the best shopping this side of Fifth Avenue.

And the food is unbelievably good. If you want some advice, Shem Creek.

Seriously, though, half of the restaurants on the Peninsula have their own boats, which bring in the catch every morning to be sold that evening. Andolini's is still the best pizza I've ever had, and I've been to Lombardi's in Manhattan. Charleston has even had sushi restaurants, of all things, make it onto "Man v Food."

To quote my dad, you could probably go to a different restaurant, for every meal, for an entire year, and you could have nothing but the best food you'd ever had every single time. It's that good.

Photo of the Charleston Battery by Allison Sewardvia Flickr's Creative Commons

And there are so many things to do, as well. For locals, James Island County Park is a big one. There are a couple climbing walls, and I've even heard rumors of a park reminiscent of a McDonald's play place, but for adults. There is swing dancing on the Boardwalk in Mt. Pleasant. There are two huge art festivals, the Summerville Flowertown Festival and Spoletto (yes that one). There's a massive 10k bridge run.

There's even an aircraft carrier that saw action in World War Two and does duty as a museum now. I mean, seriously, top that.

What a place to grow up in, right?! Man, the personality of that town. It is one of a kind like no other.The funny thing is, though, if you asked me where home is, I'd have to stop, think for a second, then tell you that I don't know. I haven't been there yet. I've got a deep deep connection to the country I was born in. Lindsay will tell you that I bleed red, white, and blue, and she'd be correct to. I also love Charleston. I've seen articles from nationally circulated magazines that have given Charleston the spot as the best tourist destination in the world, and every time, I just nod in agreement.

Photo of The Yorktown by Martin and Jessica O' Brienvia Flickr's Creative Commons

Even still, I have yet to be home, but I know I'm headed there. I know one day I'll get to those pearly gates and weep for joy at the prospect of finally finding rest and welcome like it was meant to be.

This notion of home is a funny one. Everyone likes to talk about how it's being with family, or walking through their childhood forest, or sitting in that bar with all their friends, but the honest truth is none of us have a clue. None of us have been there yet. Some of us never will, and that is an utterly devastating thought. For those of us who finally do get to embrace the Son of Man as a brother or sister, though, let us never forget.

This world is not our home, and that is an encouraging thought indeed.

Thank you for sharing your heart and mind with us, Caleb! 

If you've enjoyed reading or have something else to share about Charleston or home, leave a comment below.  Or buy us a couple wear clothing set.  That would be more awesome.

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