Saturday, November 29, 2014

My Awesome Husband and His Awesome Birthday

Caleb's birthday is today!

My best friend of 4 years and my husband of 1, this man has had a huge impact on how I have grown, changed, and deepened in my adult life.  Fun fact: there were many times during our dating when I thought we could never be together forever because we are so different.  Most of our core values are the same, we both enjoy the outdoors, and we're both devout Christians, but beyond that, we're on opposite sides of the spectrum in many ways.  For example:

Caleb: "You don't know who Guns n' Roses is?"
Me: "Uh... should I?"
Caleb: "Oh my gosh, I give up."

Me: "Wait, how can you not appreciate The Avett Brothers?!"
Caleb: "Because their music is terrible."
Me: "You suck."

Good times.

Caleb & Lindsay, best friends forever!

In many ways, our differences have made us stronger as a unit.  Together, we're familiar with rock and folk.  American history and Korean culture.  Waltz and krump.  In fact, had it not been for Caleb, I wouldn't know anything about economics, Avatar: The Last Airbender, cars, or the real concept of liberty.  And heck no would I ever have cared about bitcoin, but I've heard Caleb explain it to people so many times, I actually have an okay grasp on it.

Caleb's differences have been a great strength in the intimacy of our relationship, too.  His steadiness, patience, quick forgiveness, and kindness have become a rock for me.  I am so proud of who he is, I am so proud to be with him, and I will love him to death.

I think you should all meet Caleb, because he's mega awesome.   He's the kind of guy who adds value to the lives of his friends.  He's wise, intelligent, caring, goofy (in private), and very thoughtful.  I've seen how, in Bible study, when Caleb speaks, people listen.  And he'll show you that curly hair isn't that bad.  :P

We're going to celebrate with deep dish pizza tonight.  Caleb's never had it, and it's been on his To Try list for a while.  His birthday present is a killer, too, but he's going to have to wait until April to claim it.  I got him 3 laps driving a Nissan GT-R at the Atlanta Motorsports Park.  The plan was for him to drive this month, but the GT-R was having issues the weekend I reserved it, so we got a rain check.  It bums me out that he's going to have to wait until April, but Caleb's a very even-keel kind of guy, and he seemed hardly fazed.  When we get to April, I'll tell you guys how it goes!

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