Saturday, March 5, 2016

Recommended with Chicken Marsala

I'm running a day late with this post, and I don't even have any good pictures to put with it, either!  I can 100% vouch for this recipe, though.  I had a failed attempt making chicken marsala our first year of marriage that scared me away from trying again for a long time.  Late last summer, I decided to give it one more go, and I'm glad I came across Tyler Florence's recipe for chicken marsala instead of whatever other recipe I'd tried before. 

An easy and delicious chicken marsala recipe

This dish is very, very simple, and it always turns out great for me.  It does end up taking more time than I think it should, but I think that comes down to all the different steps.  Cut the mushrooms, cut and pound the chicken, dredge the chicken in flour, cook the chicken, cook the mushrooms, simmer the sauce.  Each step doesn't take long in itself, so it doesn't feel like it takes a long time to make, but when the clock shows it's forty minutes later by the time I'm finished, it makes me appreciate the tasty meal all the more.  

I've only used the recommended prosciutto once; the recipe is totally fine without it and without the parsley garnish, too.  I've also never used the recommended type of mushrooms.  (Where does one even find cremini mushrooms?)  I like to serve the chicken marsala over angel hair pasta with something vegetable-y on the side.  Find the recipe and a video here!

And now some links to rove through this weekend!  Enjoy!

I was sent a fascinating podcast about a creepy part of the K-pop industry, which I'd recommend checking out, but I also want to tell you about the accompanying K-pop playlist.  It's really good!

I had blood work done this week as part of an annual physical, and it turns out I'm deficient in vitamin D!  I did some brief research, and there are some pretty scary symptoms from vitamin D deficiency (who knew?), but thankfully I like a lot of things on this list of foods high vitamin D.  Just wanted to pass on the info!  Get your sunshine, friends!  Let's ward off schizophrenia together!

I've developed a small obsession for colormelt hair in vibrant, bold colors.  Warm, cool, and very cool.  I just love it! 

You need to watch these parrots show you how to dance to club music.  (The deep house and dubstep parrots are my favorites.)

Check out these beautiful photos Commander Scott Kelly took while in space.  I love the one of the Bahamas and the lake in Tibet.

The Downton Abbey finale is this Sunday!  Will you be watching for these last minutes hopes for the characters of Downton?  I'm so sad for it to be over, and I think my only consolations are the new seasons of House of Cards and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  They're both the complete opposites of Downton, but Caleb and I have been big fans.

Relevant for many of us city living folks

How is it that soft buns and relaxed, comfortable clothing make girls look so tied together?  Exhibit B just to prove my point.

Did you see my post from Wednesday about indoor plants?  This post about trees you can grow indoors came at the perfect time.  I want all of them.

Have a great weekend!

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