Friday, August 22, 2014

My Birthday in Atlanta!

My first birthday in Atlanta, my first birthday as a wife, and my first time being 26!

My birthday was this past Sunday, on the 17th, and I planned out everything to ensure I/we got the most out of the day.  Caleb and I kicked it off with breakfast in bed with the most recent episode of Legend of Korra.  When we finished breakfast, we walked down to the Georgia Aquarium and spent about 2 and a half hours enjoying everything there.  (They let you in for free on your birthday!)  I love aquariums, and Caleb does, too.  It's so great to find something we both like so much!

My favorite part was spending 20 minutes in front of the whale shark/manta ray tank.  The aquarium had the doors to their ballroom open, which was a rare treat.  There weren't many people in there, so there were times when we had the exhibit to ourselves.  Manta rays are my favorite animal, and it was amazing to see them in person!  I had no idea they could get so big!  Some were doing back flips in the water like they were dancing.  It was just a completely magical experience.

This is a little video of our trip.

After walking back to our apartment, we took the car to the Atlanta Food Truck Park where my family surprised me and met us for lunch.  I got to open some great presents there, but I was more happy to get to spend time with everyone.

We stopped back by our apartment again, and we had intended to continue on to a nearby park for reading and relaxing, but once we got inside our apartment and we felt how cool it was inside, we decided to stay and chill out there until dinner.  For dinner, we went to Sufi's, our favorite Persian place.  We got the hummus plate, the shrimp kabob, the lamb shank, and the pomegranate cheesecake (my favorite).

Sufi's Persian food in Buckead, Atlanta

Both Caleb and I had a great day in Atlanta.  I really appreciated having someone there to spend the entire day with!  Do you have special plans for your next birthday?  I can't wait to tell you what we're doing for Caleb's in November!

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