Friday, August 29, 2014

Recommended with Greek Baked Chicken

I love a well cooked chicken.  Flavorful, tender, and juicy or crispy, crunchy, and hot.  Caleb cooked me my first seared chicken, and it's a unanimous favorite.  Thighs seared in butter with garlic clothes and dusted with salt and pepper.  It's such a simple recipe, but when I first had it, I was so impressed!  What is this wonder you've prepared?!

I typically don't bake.  I have a bad habit of accidentally burning myself, and putting any limbs into an oven makes me turn the other way, but emboldened by the Herb + Citrus Chicken masterpiece I made this winter, I decided it might be worth it to try a few things from this NY Times piece.

Link Collection with Baked Chicken
The article recommends baking chicken pieces.  That's really the thesis of the whole thing.  It gives a few ideas, and I picked the first one, Greek chicken.  Smother under and over the skin with garlic, oregano, lemon zest, and olive oil, surround with grape tomatoes (I didn't do the olive or feta), and roast on 450 for half an hour to 40 minutes.  The skin turned out so crispy and delicious!  I loved this dish!  Caleb wasn't as much of a fan as I was (I do tend to get overly attached to first time recipes I make perfectly), but he said he definitely would eat it again.

Do you have any easy and tasty chicken recipes to share?

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