Monday, August 25, 2014

Personality Test, Part III: What I've Gotten From My Parents

My parents were a Yankee air traffic controller who rarely lost his cool and an artist at heart/counselor/3rd grade teacher who loves sci-fi and fantasy.   I think it's super cool how I can see a blend of my parents' personalities in who I am along with a heavy dose of originality...
Family graduation picture
This is one of our favorite family pictures with one of the awesome professors at my college graduation.

Attributes I've absorbed from my parents:
Punctuality and an overwhelming preference for conciseness in communication - Thank you, father from Pennsylvania
Interest in reading and imagining - From my mom who studied art in university and who was my Lord of the Rings buddy
Christianity - I was raised in a Protestant Christian home, and It's my own way, too.
Nature love - We would go hiking when I was a kid, and when we lived in Puerto Rico, we often visited the beach and rainforest.  Then, when we moved to Georgia, we lived in a house in the woods.  Now, green is my absolute favorite color.
Responsibility - I am the oldest of two girls, and I was trained to be responsible and to have high expectations for myself.  That wasn't always fun, but I'm glad for my diligence and industry now.

Attributes I have independent from my parents:
Intense organization -  I organized my rock collection when I was little and freaked out when my dad moved them.  I also arranged my stuffed animals in my room and made labeled maps of my displays so I could circulate my arrangements.  Who does that?  In middle school?
Musical talent - My dad played the cornet in grade school, but that's all I had to go on.  In fifth grade, my parents bought me a keyboard for Christmas, and because I started picking out "Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da" by ear my first day, they thought I was a genius and got me into piano, violin, and drum corps lessons.  I later earned a music minor in college.
Strong expressions of emotions - We didn't share many negative emotions at home, and for a while, I felt like I didn't have feelings because I felt safer keeping them bottled up.  As I've gotten older, though, the feelings broke out, big and strong.  People have told me that I feel things very deeply and all over the extreme sides of the spectrum and that I express them very loudly.  "When you're really happy, everyone knows you're really happy."  My parents, of course, have emotions, too, we just didn't discuss or express the negative ones much when I was growing up, so I consider this something I've developed on my own.

What traits have you picked up from the people around you?

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