Monday, August 18, 2014

Personality Test, Part II: Myers-Briggs

I wrote a short while ago about learning what an ambivert is.  That got me thinking more about personality tests, so I took some more!

When I took the Myers-Briggs test in 2007, I was an INFJ.  I've learned that it's one of the rarer combos, and knowing that made me feel pretty dang special, but I know that I've gone through a lot of changes since freshman year of college, so I had to know for certain: am I still a special INFJ?  Or am I Something Different!  (Dun dun dun!)

To get the most accurate assessment which would still be free, I completed 4 online tests.  One, two, three, and four.  However, as the lengthy intro on website number four states, none of these are the real test (the not free one), and the most accurate assessment comes only from that test.

 Myers-Briggs personality test

My respective scores:

Well, at least we know judging belongs...

The E vs. I set (Extroversion vs. Introversion) is tricky, because I'm actually an ambivert.  I exhibit qualities from both sides of the spectrum.  In certain social situations, I'm a new kind of alive, but after others, I need time away and to myself.  Solitude and being with others both bring me energy, but as I've gotten older, I've recognized that I need my solitude.  That's what makes me think I'm really an I on the assessment.

T vs. F?  (Thinking vs. Feeling)  There's not doubt that I think things through logically, I will analyze my romantic relationship till the sun sets, and I have a penchant for getting things done, but my sympathy and empathy have taken the argument many times, too.  Love wins.  I'm not sure where I'd place myself on this one, but I might lean towards the F, along with three out of four of the assessments I took.

In the S vs. N sector (Sensing vs. Intuition)... I feel like this is where my detail oriented focus and my creativity/artistic loves clash.  I used to have both in very large capacities, but since returning to America and not being involved with music or dance and not getting to wear whatever I want to work AND being an administrative assistant, I think the need for concrete has become stronger.  I have less opportunity to flex my dreams, it seems.  (But you see, I still have opportunity for that.  Scheming up lists, designing new work outfits, laying out collages, brainstorming our future, naming our promised puppies...)

 In the end, my hour spent on those tests was fruitless.  If I want the real deal, I gotta pay for it, and I'm left speculating about my complex and ever expanding personality in the meantime.  It's true, I think I'm so interesting, but that's because everyone is.  I'm just the one person I spend the most time with.

Have you taken the test?  Where do you fall?  Any surprises?


  1. Until now every time I've taken a Myers-Briggs test I've gotten INFP. I just took the tests you linked to and it finally changed! But just barely. I am now very slightly more judging than perceiving. Like a percent or two toward judging. It makes sense that I've become more into planning and being task oriented after a year of teaching...you kind of have to be. Interesting way to spend an hour. P.S. I love it when people match fictional characters to the 16 types, like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter characters. So fascinating.

    1. I just found three for Harry Potter characters, and not all of the characters are on each of the collages, but there seems to be a firm consensus that Luna is INFP, Sirius is E_TP and the Weasley twinse are E_FP. It's interesting to see how people categorize the characters differently.

  2. Lindsay,

    Love this and love that (for a while, at least) we are INFJ buddies! I have also wondered about the changes in my habits/personality since college! I might look into this further as well!



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