Friday, August 15, 2014

Recommended for Celebrating

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

Now that I have a husband, I've found that I want extra focus on me for my birthday (2 days!).  I swear this is a new development.  Put into action, I've decided that I'll be choosing the dinner menus for the week before my birthday.  I want to be sure that we have macaroni and cheese and that I make myself an artichoke (a very special treat).

For the actual day, I already have plans for us to go to the aquarium.  In the evening, either Caleb and I will have dinner at Sufi's or, if my girlfriends are able to meet up, we're going to hang out somewhere and I'll bake and bring some lemon cake cookies!

These lemon cake cookies.  Oh my gosh.
My mom made them for one of her Bible study groups last year, and I could not stop eating them.  They are so soft and that perfect bright blend of sweet lemon.  I'm not sure where my mom got the recipe from; it's all over the internet, and for good reason.  It's also very, very easy.  Definitely a keeper.

The best lemon cookies you'll ever have

Recommended for celebrating...

This perfectly timed photo of a piƱata being cracked open

Would you wear this confetti eyeliner look?

I love Mexican papel picado.  One day I want to throw some super great party with these everywhere.
I also want to decorate a cake with this whimsical homemade cake topper.
Looking for a birthday present for some chica?  How about these yellow ballet flats?

Have a great week, friends!

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