Monday, November 10, 2014

Free Haircuts in Atlanta!

I got a free haircut last Monday, and if you're in the Atlanta area, you can too!

Van Michael is a posh salon in Buckhead, and they offer stylist classes and continuing education courses.  The stylists taking these courses always need people to practice on and be tested on, and that's where I came in last week.  I connected with a girl named Victoria on the internet last week who told me she needed to complete a long layers cut to finish her course.  I've had that cut for years, and November is haircut month, so we quickly made an appointment, and I was in her chair the same day.

Free haircuts at Van Michael in Buckhead

Turns out, Victoria already works as a stylist at Van Michael, (and next time I want to pay her to do my hair), but she's taking this course so she can get better at her craft.  It settled my mind a bit to know that she already knew what she was doing, but during my appointment, she still asked her supervisor/teacher/mentor lots of questions about how to best work with my hair.  Thanks to her skill, her questions, and the supervisor's expertise, I walked away with my very favorite haircut ever!  I had gotten a very crappy cut my last time.  I didn't have much money, so I went to Great Clips, and the stylist gave me choppy and uneven layers that I've been living with since July.  Never again!  Victoria was able to blend things out, even up those layers, and give more movement to my longer sweeping bangs.  I felt so great about my hair, I enthusiastically gave Victoria a hug when she finished.  And, when I got home, Caleb said my hair looked great three times in three hours!  Getting a student to cut my hair at Van Michael was worth a lot more money than the free price I got it for!

I'd highly recommend Victoria, first of all, but I'd also highly recommend going to Van Michael for a student cut.  Call and say you'd like to work with one of the students.  I believe student appointments are Monday evenings, but that might have just been when Victoria had her slots available.  The supervisors watching over the students care about their students' progress, and they'll keep an eye out for you and your hair, too.  The posh atmosphere of the salon was a fun break for me, too, and I loved the free cup of Aveda tea I got while waiting for my appointment.  It's definitely a classy place.

Help a student and get a free cut!
I wrote a full review about my experience at Van Michael on Yelp, by the way.  Read it here.

Would you let a student cut your hair?  Have you already in the past?  How did it go?

When I first got side bangs in college, I cut them myself.  I'll usually still trim them at home on my own, but I made a huge mess of my hair when I tried adding in layers in 2012.  Ha!  Did you ever try to cut your own hair?

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