Monday, November 24, 2014

Internet friends IRL

I've been getting easily bored with the internet lately.  When Caleb and I get home, we'll make and eat dinner, throw the rope toy for Mako, then either watch tv or do our own stuff.  Caleb's been playing Destiny on the PS4 lately, and I'll usually head to my smart phone or laptop first, but there just doesn't seem to be much to keep my attention there.  It's not very fulfilling stuff, anyway, you know what I mean?  Writing and reading are good things, and hanging out in the blogosphere is something I enjoy, but once I've gone through everything new, I'm left feeling listless, and I close the computer.

Thankfully there is life to be had outside the internet!  Belly dancing classes, nail painting, chai recipe perfecting, puppy training, and now, meeting internet strangers in real life!

Meeting internet friends in real life

If you haven't struck up a conversation with a complete stranger recently, I highly recommend it.

See Laura's tweet above?  The Lindsay in that story is me!  I dropped a small request for friends in Yes and Yes's monthly hook up collection.  That led to two girls in Atlanta dropping me a hello emails, and this Saturday, Laura, Samantha, and I met up at the Indie Craft Experience downtown for a couple hours of chatting, shopping, and Korean BBQ buns.  The three of us had never met each other before, but we all had a blast.  At least, I think the other girls had a blast.  We've already agreed that our second meetup will be in Duluth for some Korean BBQ, so it must not have been a total failure. I had a very good time, and I'm looking forward to meeting up with them again.  :)

So this is just a short post reminding you all to enjoy what lives beyond the computer, as I'm sure you all do.  (I just need a reminder sometimes, like a good book or a human moment.)

Have you ever met someone from the internet?  How did it go?

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