Friday, November 7, 2014

Recommended with Miso Ramen

Guys.  I made Japanese miso ramen two weeks ago, last night, and I'm making it again on Sunday because it is awesome.  I'm so glad I decided to make not just the ramen soup but also the shoyu eggs and chashu (pork belly) to go on top.  It brought the ramen from amazing to killer amazing.  So really, I have three recipes to share with you today.  Even if you don't have the pork belly, though, this stuff is so darn good, and there are plenty other creative toppings you can use!  Mung bean sprouts, seaweed, chili oil, carrots, etc.  I'd love to know what new things you come up with if you try it.

Miso ramen, shoyu egg, and chashu recipes

I got all my recipes from JustOneCookbook (my go to Japanese food resource).

Miso Ramen Recipe
I wasn't able to find round pork the first time I made this, so I chopped a bit of the chashu when it wasn't yet glazed to use as a substitute.  I also don't have a mortar and pestle, and I found it impossible to grind the sesame seeds without them.  In the end, my broth had lots of bits of chopped pork, mangled sesame seeds, and shallot floating around in it.  I ran the broth through a sieve before serving the first time, and everything looked beautiful.  I didn't bother using the sieve last night, and that also worked fin.  I hardly noticed the bits in the broth.  I didn't use the chili bean sauce, by the way, because I don't like spice.  And, I substituted 1/4 tsp. of stevia for the 1 tbs. of sugar.

Shoyu Egg Recipe
It's a good thing I started preparing the shoyu eggs a day before, because I had to go through 7 eggs before I got 2 through the entire process without breaking.  The trick was making sure the water is actually simmering once you turn the heat down.  Maybe you already knew this, but make sure there are little bubbles rising from the bottom of the pot.  If the water isn't hot enough, the egg white won't cook enough, and they'll probably break into a soggy mess in your hands when you try to peel them.  ALSO!  Caleb showed me a trick for peeling the egg.  Take the flat of a butter knife and very lightly tap it all over the egg shell to make small cracks in it.  This will make the entire shell peel off easier when you take your fingers to it.  Who knew?!

Chashu (pork belly) Recipe
This part of the dish takes a very long time to make, so be sure to allow yourself a good amount of time.  My only note here is that I always use mirin instead of sake in cooking, and everything has always turned out great.  Mirin and sake are similar enough for Caleb and I to exchange them in recipes, and it's a lot nicer on our grocery bill to use mirin.  Also, beware of the addictive quality of chashu.  This stuff is so dang good, it's really like pork candy.  Yum yum yum!

Want to come over and make some with me yet?!

Recommended with miso ramen and all the fixins... 

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