Friday, November 28, 2014

Recommended with Twelve Angry Men

 Instead of a recipe, I have a movie recommendation for you.  Twelve Angry Men (1975).

A couple years ago, my parents forced my sister and I to watch this movie and To Kill a Mockingbird for education and character building purposes.  I really appreciate that they did thatBoth of those movies have stuck with me, but Twelve Angry Men did the most.  A few weeks ago, Caleb and I watched it together for his first time.

Twelve Angry Men is a must-see movie for everyone

Yes, the movie is black and white.  Most of the story takes place in just one room.  No special effects.  What matters in this movie is the dialogue.  The audience is given a look into the hours 12 jurors spend debating over race, socioeconomic status, respect, perceptions, and truth.  It's a powerful movie.  When watching it for the second time, new things jumped out at me about how we interpret and express emotions and facts.  It was all very good to think over after watching Dear White People.  Our thoughts and words have so much power, and Twelve Angry Men sheds light on all of that.  If I have kids, I will undoubtedly force them to watch this when they're old enough.  I can't force you, of course, but I would say that this movie is required watching.

Twelve Angry Men is currently available on Netflix and YouTube and at many local libraries.
When you watch it, I'd love to hear what you think!

What your coffee order says about you.  I'm probably The Poser, because I've gotten a chai latte during my last 3 cafe visits.

These terrible vintage books are amazing.  And shocking.  And hilarious.

Love Disney?  Love puppies?  How about Disney puppies?!

Do you have a shop?  Have you seen these pricing ideas you can borrow from restaurants?

This really hit me, and it sure adds perspective.

Made me laugh.

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  1. Ha! I like the coffee thing. I am a New Yorker with a dash of Coffee Snob.

    And Burt Reynolds, that was more of you than I wanted to see buddy. Wowza.

    Happy Thanksiving!


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