Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Favorite Free Printable Calendars for 2015

 I tend to go for the simple and minimal, and my calendars are usually no exception.  If there's space to right in special events and dates and a clean feel, I like it.  Sifting through the options for this year's cork board calendar, I've found so many beautiful and free options that I don't know which to pick!  Here's a roundup of my favorites.

Free printable 2015 calendar round up collage
#1 - Simple Calendar from Elske
#2 - Landscape Vintage Calendar from Botanical Paperworks
#3 - Landcape Colored Calendar with Notes from The Elli Blog
#4 - Watercolor Calendar from Coco and Mingo
#5 - Minimalist Calendar from Weekday Carnival
#6 - Monthly Botanical Calendar from Terrain (released monthly) 
#7 - Landscape Calendar with Notes from My Fabulous Life
#8 - Stamped Calendar from Jilianastasia
#9 - Minimalist Drawn Calendar from Mono Shop
Not pictured is this cute desk calendar from Clean  & Scentsible.  It does require a stand, but it's pretty fun.

What's your ideal calendar?  Do you need a section to keep notes?  Do you like more expressive calendars or ones with big numbers?  I'd love to hear.

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