Friday, January 9, 2015


Happy Friday, friends!  I split up my real-life recommendation and my link recommendations this week.  Click here to read about my and my sister's experience with a legit hair mask, and keep reading below for this week's interesting links!

From 7 Cups of Tea (an online community of listeners), 5 ways to welcome self acceptance into your life.  I've been working most on #5.

 Do you have any resolutions this year?  Have you considered a digital detox?

Have you see the Dancers Among Us photography series?  This couple did their engagement pictures in that style, and they're great!

How to pay off your student loans fast from Yes and Yes.  Yes!

Proof positivity is better than negativity when it comes to body image!

Why Americans don't travel.  Do you agree?

"I thought I was a feminist until I started dating an MRA" | This is such a good read!


  1. Americans and travel: I think I mostly agree. I agree that part of the problem is lack of vacation days. But I wouldn't say all Americans are tied down by stuff or are only working for money and more stuff. I think many people are invested in their work for other reasons...like they love it. Or they don't want to let people down. It could have very little to do with the American dream. I also think the cost of our higher education has to do with it, for younger people...who feels good traveling when they have upwards of 20,000 in loans to pay off?

    The feminist read was great. What i liked was that they saw each other as human beings who are more than just their labels or belief systems.

    And we do not dress exactly alike. In cities as large as Amsterdam and New York? Sure, you can pick out 20 people wearing red windbreakers (was that the 90's? Sounds like the 90's), but come on :P It was an interesting project though.

    1. Those are good points. I remember thinking that I NEEDED to have a job that would help pay student loan debt while overseas. There's no way I could have done that while unemployed. Also, I think that the general population may not feel the drive to travel. For one, there is a heck of a lot to see in the US itself. Secondly, when we compare Europeans traveling to Americans traveling, it quickly starts to look unfair because it's just so darn accessible over there with so many different countries together.

      The feminism/MRA post, yes! To me, it seems like she was realizing there are points worth fighting for on both sides, which is so important to realize.


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