Friday, January 23, 2015


Here are this week's recommended links!  And I think I should be trying out more new things, because I don't have a real-life recommendation for this week.  Time to test out more recipes, I guess!

#1 Recommendation: This story on Instagram

This is THE cutest puppy on the planet!  (besides mine)  I love this whole Instagram account!

Haha!  These 15th century peasant romantic comic strips!

Put this on my nail art bucket list.  Beautiful.

An encouraging post on blogging when it's not your full-time job  |  I really, really appreciated this post.

Look at these amazing foods from Japan!

I am besotted with this lovely little house.

Woah, these cars up for auction!  Caleb and I watch Top Gear at least once a week, and usually more than one episode at a time, so I've slowly been cultivating a respect and desire for beautiful cars like these.  Mm.

And for anyone job seeking, here's an uplifting story of one man going above and beyond to market himself and getting a job!  Never give up.

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