Friday, January 16, 2015

Recommended with The Noticer

 One of the mentors from my Bible study challenged all of us to read The Noticer.  He called it a life-changing book, and he said he'd take out to lunch whoever read it.  I finally got around to this quick read last November, and I've been instagramming a few of the great quotes and sections that impacted me.  

The story follows a wise old man Jones as he helps people with their situation by adding perspective.  It's a simple book, really, with a lot of what should be common sense, but reading it all in a book reminded me of some very important truths.  One of my favorite parts was when Jones walked up to a couple on the verge of divorce and asks them about their marital problems.  The husband immediately becomes defensive and says, "How do you know we have marital problems?!"  Jones mildly replies, "Well, you're married, and marital problems are the kinds of problems married people have."  Having recently surmounted the turmoil of my own first year of marriage, it was a surprisingly validating moment when I read that phrase.

While not life changing in the cataclysmic way, this book has impacted how I view my situations.  It's impacted me for the better.  Definitely worth a trip to the library, my friends.

Recommended read: The Noticer

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Fun fact, I was in a very small drum corps in middle school.  Legit drum battles like this make me nerd out.

Here's a photo album with descriptions of animals I'd never heard of.  I love learning about new animals!

I love this article to women about treasuring ourselves.  Such a sweet thing to hear.

I made a new Pinterest board today to keep track of hot teas I'd like to try one day.  If you have any recommendations, I'd love to here!

I'm sure you've been there, so I'm sure you'll be interested in how to make friends as an adult.

Would you wear these knit hats for ponytails?  I'm pretty sure I would.

I don't know if you saw the cool DIY marbled mugs floating around online a while ago, but you can do the same thing with your phone case.

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