Monday, January 12, 2015

Skincare Rescue Plan: Overview

Guys, it's starting!  I'm sharing all I've learned, all my resources, and all my budding passion for skincare!  I'm starting a new series that originally began as a cheat sheet for my sister, but there's so much information about skincare out there, things quickly began to mount into an ever growing Google doc.

In this initial post, I'm going to break the ice on the topic of skincare and give you an overview of what we'll be learning.  There's always more to learn, but I'll be covering the solid basics, offering additional resources, and sharing my own experiences with what I've tried.  Let's start with some super important information.

Skincare Rescue plan overview for important information on how to take care of your face!

Super important info for your skincare rescue plan!
#1 Natural ≠ Good and Chemical ≠ Bad
Feel free to read up on the natural/organic vs. chemicals myth, but here's the low down.  There are plenty of natural things you should not be using on your face (put the lemons down!), and chemicals make up pretty much everything, including the beneficial things we should be putting on our faces.  I’m going to be using words like “acid” and “chemical,” and I don’t want you to tune me out because of it.

#2 Patch test, patch test, patch test!
When trying a new product, test it on a small area first just in case you have a reaction to it.  I had a reaction to something once when I was in middle school that make me look like a red racoon because I applied it all over my face.  Especially if you're going to be trying out many new products, be aware of overwhelming your skin with too many new products.  How to do a patch test.

#3 Your skin has a turnover rate of about 28 days.
If you started using a new product, give your skin 28 days before trying another new product.  Your skin cell’s turnover rate will give you a “new face” every 28 days, so to get the most accurate idea of how your skin reacts with X product, you should wait 28 days before trying something new.

#4 Be aware of purging.
Sometimes when using a new product with certain active ingredients, the product will reach down to the dermal level of your skin and bring out impurities.  This is called purging.  It’s important to know the difference between purging, breaking out, or irritation so that you can adjust quickly and save your skin from some redness or itchiness.  Here’s information on recognizing the signs.

Here's the list of topics I'll be covering over the next few Mondays.  I'd love to hear any questions you may have so we can have an additional post at the end answering them!  Feel free to comment, email, tweet, or use the contact button on the right of your screen.

Skincare Rescue Plan
#1 Overview
#2 Removing your Makeup + Oil Cleansing
#3 Cleansing
#4 Exfoliating
#4 Serums and Spot Treatments
#5 Moisturizing
#6 Sunscreen

 If you're not hyped already, I'd love for you to check out this video from The Checkout.  Funny, but engaging and spot on.  I'm looking forward to sharing with you about what I've found!

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