Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Government is Stupid but My Country is Golden

Foreign friends, this is just dumb.  My husband could rant on and on about the idiocy going on in all the branches of the government, but here's what you see on the surface.  National Parks are shut down.  Certain services run by the government are unavailable.   It's just a mess.

Things like this have happened:

A couple getting married at a US National Park during the government shut down in 2014
As redditor andyrosenburg posted, "My friends were supposed to get married in Yosemite this weekend. Thanks to the Government shut down they had to reschedule last minute. They just posted this pic."Picture via Imgur

However, things like this have also happened:

An awesome man from South Carolina taking care of the capitol during the government shut down in 2014
Chris Cox, a resident of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, took it upon himself to clean up the lawn of the Lincoln Memorial in preparation for a huge veteran group trip that was making its way to the memorial.  The shutdown has put the grounds staff of its memorials on furlough, so the lawn was left in disarray.  I consider this man to be a true American patriot and an amazing human for putting aside his right for others'.  If only the folks in the Senate could be so generous.  Instead, authorities shut this man down and made him stop.  Ridiculous.

Picture via NPR blog  //  The progress of the story and the response of America here  //  Read more about him and others doing something about the shutdown here  //

I can't change my last name until things get fixed around here, but at least my wedding wasn't sent off the rails.  Did you know that Congress had reached a small compromise which would lead to a month break from the shutdown and negotiations?  Yeah, they passed along the idea to Obama, and he denied it, so the government is still in shambles.  Thanks, Mr. President.  Glad to hear you care more about getting exactly what you want than about working toward a solution.

Were politics always this frustrating, or am I just now old enough to care?

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