Friday, October 25, 2013

Name Change Update

Well, it doesn't matter if I wanted to right away or not; I couldn't change my last name because the social security office was closed along with the stupid government shutdown for the last few weeks.  I didn't get the process started until yesterday morning.

Last month I wrote about how I've been upset by the whole process of changing my name.  The research I found on the options available for changing your name didn't make me feel better about the process.  Turns out there are 5 different ways to handle the issue in America, and none of them include having a second middle name, which is what I want.  They say it's a huge pain to try and have 2 middle names, and you kind of just end up having one middle name that's two words one.  Then you'd have to have that double word middle name on your Social Security card, Driver's License, etc., and it's a super drag because the American system isn't made to handle double last names.  Because of all this, I've been starting to think that it's time to bite the dust.

Thankfully, my maiden name McKissick will always be my maiden name.  It's not how I'll introduce myself, it's not what people will call me, but it will always be who I am.  Now, I will also be Sutton, and that will always be who I am, too.  The only thing being replaced is the final name on my documents.  My identity isn't changing.  I've found comfort in that, and I'm glad of it.

Onward and upward!

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