Thursday, September 18, 2014

DIY Lace Project Inspiration

To be honest, lace isn't typically my style, but I've found some subtle ways to bring it into my life that I really like.  Take this cuff, for example.  I think it's beautiful, and I love how I can make my own and completely customize it.  Here's the tutorial at Verily Mag!

DIY delicate lace bracelet tutorial
Tutorial at Verily Magazine

Looking through the tutorial gives me a lot of ideas.  What if I fixed two bands together?  What if I sewed on small beads or jewels?  What if I used thin lace or wide lace or fastened it with a button?  I've used lace trim before for a few projects (here and here, sorry for the poor photo quality), but I had never thought that fabric stiffener could open up so many possibilities.  Like this!

Here's some more subtle lace project inspiration...

Delicate DIY lace projects

1. Stiffened lace earrings on Etsy (here's a tutorial)
2. Lacy window decoration found on Tumblr
4. Double lace trim headband tutorial
5. Doily table runner tutorial 
7. Spray painted doily journal cover tutorial
8. Lace hair comb tutorial 

Do you like lace?  Have you made any jewelry or accessories yourself?  Have any tips to share?

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