Monday, September 8, 2014

How to Be a Good Guest At a Dinner Party

My boss, Diane, likes to throw dinner parties.  We'll usually have two a year for the whole office plus dates.

Now, Diane is a part of high society here in Atlanta.  To my embarrassment, I was not prepared for her high society dinner party.  We arrived right on time and came empty handed, both major faux pas I was unaware of until I saw everyone else arriving "late" and bringing gifts for our hostess.  Dear oh dear, I'm never letting this happen again.

To save yourself the same embarrassment, read this article from Dinner, A Love Story for the low down on proper etiquette.  Then the next trick is figuring out what kind of hostess gifts you can bring after being invited over so many times.  Don't want to seem repetitive, you know?  Here are some ideas and tips.

How to be a good dinner party guest
Photo by Didriks, edited by me, Creative Commons

Hostess Gifts:
  • A small house plant
  • Nice tea towel
  • Serving dish/cheese knives/entertaining things
  • Ornament with a display stand during Christmas time
  • Homemade candies/cookies/baklava
  • Set of flutes/fancy glasses/mule mugs
  • Olive oil in a pretty pour bottle like this or dish soap in a pretty pump bottle like this
  • Artisan hand soaps
  • Fun homemade treats for the dog
  • Really cool coasters
  • Nice stationery cards
  • Fresh pound cake or coffee cake for an easy breakfast in the morning
  • Maybe a personalized wreath, if they like wreaths
  • Presentation can make your gift that much nicer.
  • It's apparently not cool to bring wine, because it could imply that you don't like your host's selection.
  • Always write/text/email/call to say thank you.  (I still haven't done this!  I didn't know you were supposed to until last month!)

What about you?  Have you been offended by dinner guests before?  (I apologize on behalf of all rude dinner guests!  It was out of ignorance, and I promise to make up for it!)  Have you committed any social faux pas yourself?  Can you sympathize with my shame?

More hosetess gift ideas here and here

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  1. Ohh!! Same happened with me once in my friend’s holiday party. You know I went to her party early and without any gift. It was really an embarrassing situation for me, as I never attended any party before that. But luckily my friend handled everything so nicely.


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