Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Health Journey Update + FREE Online Health Course!

The last time I wrote about health was back in March, and boy has a lot happened since then!  A lot of exciting things!

SImple steps to a healthier lifestyle  | Lindsay Eryn

  • I started taking Juice Plus vitamins in February, and while I still do have the occasional sniffles and scratchy throat, I haven't missed a day of work due to sickness since starting!  Not even during allergy season!
  • Fun cardio!  I started taking weekly hip hop classes and I'm going through a 5-week belly dance class right now.  I really enjoy these classes, which means I prioritize them and make sure they happen.
  • Quite a few months saw me drinking hot tea almost every day.
  • I've started substituting stevia in for almost all the sugar in our recipes.
  • I started using Mary Kay's Timewise collection, but I'm now in the process of filtering in other products that will be better for my skin.
  • We now only eat whole wheat pasta.  This change was a hard one because I just hated the whole wheat consistency at first, but now I don't even notice the difference!
  • We've started using coconut oil a whole lot more in cooking, and I put it into my smoothies, too, when I have them.
I'm really proud of myself for taking these measures and for being conscious of how I treat my body.  The main goals I have right now are to incorporate more exercise, continue to bring in the new skin products I mentioned, and continue to make my sleep a priority.  Also, for some reason it took me this long to realize and internalize this super important truth:
Exercise isn't just a way to manage your weight, it's a way to keep your heart healthy.  Do it!
 I forget this so much, because so often we girls view exercise as a way to get skinny or to tone our arms or shrink our tummies!  If there were something we could do to make our internal organs stronger, wouldn't we do it?  I sometimes eat yogurt when I notice indigestion issues.  I've taken asthma medicine in the past to help me breathe better.  If exercising for a half hour 5 times a week is all it takes to help my heart last longer, why aren't I doing it?!  So, I've added it to my list.

That free health course I mentioned!
Stanford School of Medicine is offering a free online course called Child Nutrition and Cooking.  The course focuses on the good eating patterns and nutrition habits people can acquire as children.  There are also a lot of starter recipes and good tips on what to stock your pantry with.  Starting back at square one and learning what it's supposed to be like seems like a great way to evaluate our current habits.  I plan on taking the course.  Would you like to join me?


  1. I need to check out Juice plus. I'm terrible at taking vitamins. Also, Chris struggles with the flu every season, so I'm sure he'd benefit from that as well. Being healthy is so low on my priority list, but I don't like that because it's actually so important. I might just take this course!

    1. One of our pastors actually used health as an example of discipline and priorities a few months ago, and it really made me think. He said, "Because I care about my wife and kids, I want to be there for them when I'm older. I don't want them to have to pay for all my medical bills, so I'm not going to eat order a second comfy chicken biscuit." Pleasure now vs. health later. It really is so important that it's kind of scary... O_O


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