Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Simple Nail Art Collection

I've got a few more looks from the summer to show you.  (Yes, I'm still trying to catch up!)  These ones were all very simple, but pretty.  See all the details below after the jump.

Simple, minimal, and cool color manicure inspiration | Lindsy Eryn

1. Navy with triangles
I actually used two dark blues here, a shimmery one on the middle and ring, and then a regular navy on the others.  The difference wasn't very noticeable unless you looked closely.  The shimmery polish is "Yodel Me On MY Cell" from OPI.  The navy is No. 69 from Innisfree's echo nail color line.  The triangles, lines, and dots were made with a fine white nail pen from Sally Hansen.  It's great for dotting, but not so good for lines because it makes grooves in the soft polish underneath so easily.  It would be easier to use if the coats below were rock hard already, and I usually don't wait for that to happen before adding in my lines and such.

2. Green with dots
A super simple birthday mani.  "Posh" from Revlon with dots made with the fine white nail art pen from Sally Hansen.

3. Light blue with flower stamping
This was my first attempt at stamping, way back when!  The blue is No. 17 from Innisfree's echo nail color line.  I tested out some stamping with "Harp on It" from Color Club (which you can see in the fourth picture), but it didn't show up, so I redid it with the black in Kiss nail art paint.  I used the Suki 02 stamping plate from MoYou London.

4. Silver holo nails
This is from when I first got "Harp on It" from Color Club.  It was also the first time in a long time that I didn't add on any extra fancy things, and it was because this polish doesn't need any extra bling!  It's fabulous on its own, and I love it.

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