Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Work Space (and My Dream Work Space)

As it turns out, I do a lot of my blogging while in my work office, either on my lunch breaks or after closing time.  I've only got a laptop at home and no desk, and using the desktop computer at work makes a big difference.  It has been absolutely necessary, therefore, that I set up the space so it's relaxed, creative, and not too terribly professional.

My personalized office space at work | Lindsay Eryn

My favorite part is the plants. I actually have three living plants in my office, and I'm always game for more.  Other happy touches are the picture of Caleb and I, a jewelry box one of my friends gave me, and my desktop pictures.  I keep some fox backgrounds rotating in with all the nature desktop pics.  I also have a bell app that sounds every half hour to remind me to stand up and stretch.  Don't want to keep my body still for too long!

Caleb and I are moving into a larger apartment soon, one with a spare room available for an office space (or guests! or an indoor garden!).  We've talked about setting up an office there, and I've started collecting ideas for what my ideal work space will look like.  (Making this collage actually made me really excited.)

Bright, clean, and beautiful home office inspiration | Lindsay Eryn

Gotta have those clean lines and plenty of white so my accessories and decor shows up.  Clipboards, inspiration boards, maps, and paper lanterns make the place welcoming for my personality.  Organizers, paper pads, and storage welcome my creativity.  Plants welcome life.  (You gotta have plants.)  I'd also love to have a separate desk, like in #9, for crafts and free space.  Also, a not pictured must have is an inspiring playlist of peacefully energizing songs.

1. Industrial desk from Simply Farmhouse  / 2. Notepad and hot drink from Thinking Closet  / 3. Green inspiration board from Ali Z 
4. Plants from Residence Magazine  / 5. Map desk from Horyaalada (no longer active)  / 6. Clipboards from Apartment Therapy
7. Desk organizer from Less and More / 8. Paper lanterns from Birthday Direct / 9.  Blue double desk from Adore Your Place
One other thing to keep in mind is places like WeWorkHave you heard of this yet?  WeWork offers shared office spaces for freelancers, small companies, or pretty much anyone who wants a monthly rented office.  They have locations all over the world (not in Atlanta yet), and some of the look really, really cool.  The one in Chinatown, DC is my favorite.  I love the kitchen area and the forest mediation room!  Second favorite is San Fransisco; I'm a sucker for spiral staircases and exposed brick.  By the way, they offer free coffee and beer, events, and other super cool stuff, just for working there.  How cool is that?  If ever I'm in a position to use a space like that, I'm definitely signing myself up.

P.s. Hanging planter inspiration and one way to stay organized


  1. Having your own space at home will be so nice! I love that L-shaped desk. And the map. And the paper lanterns. And plants are, of course, very necessary. Green is the colour most conducive for creativity, after all. I want to add some succulents to my desk at home. And work. Chris got a bamboo plant from work, and Storm thinks it tastes really great, so it looks awful. I have thought about taking it to work to nurse it back to health.

    1. YOU LIKE PLANTS, TOO?!?!?! :D
      And I'm a little anxious about bringing a dog into my home because what if he messes with my plants! Or my piano! Best of luck to your bamboo!!


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