Monday, October 20, 2014

My Easy New Plan for NOT Overeating

One of my biggest vices is not saying no to food when I know my stomach is full.  It's been a habit since becoming an adult, and it's gotten me into some very painful stomach aches.  Also, it's a wasteful thing.  Taking more than you need is wasteful and unhealthy.  It's not good for me to overwhelm my stomach, and I never feel well when I do.  So, I've come up with a plan.

I've made a reward system for myself

I wanted to set up a reward system for myself, a goal that I had to reach toward.  I'm competitive, so I think that this approach will work well for me.  The problem I found, though, was what should the prize be?  Some tasty food?  No, that defeats the purpose.  Some nice new nail polish?  No, I don't want to be spending lots of money on anything right now.  So what about a fun, tasty tea?  This has potential.

I told Caleb my idea, and he suggested that, each time I reach my goal, he will make me a cup of this special tea I have from Teavana.  When Caleb makes it, he puts in double the tea and a spoonful of honey.  It's delicious, I love it, and it's the perfect prize for my plan.

Operation: Healthy
Get a star for each time I don't overeat for lunch or dinner.
Get tasty tea when I reach 7 stars!

Do you have any health goals?  What ways have you motivated yourself to do better, either in your health or in other ways? 

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