Thursday, October 2, 2014

Most Exciting News!

By this time next week, this is going to be my new family!!

Our new beagle puppy! | Lindsay Eryn
We are beyond excited to adopt this handsome fellow from Our Pal's Place in Marietta.  We had visited the shelter to meet some other dogs, but when we met this guy, I fell head over heels in love.  We still wanted to see if there were other puppies in the area that would grow to be larger adults, but the fit wasn't just right, so here we are!  We're getting a dog on Wednesday!  This dog!

He's 13.5 weeks old, the shelter calls him Roy, but we haven't given him a new name yet.  We have a few in mind that we like, but we want to spend time with him and get a better idea of his personality before we give him a name.  We do have all the supplies we need, though.  We bought a crate, toys, leashes, etc. all on Amazon last night for some great prices.  I can't believe this is actually happening!

Stay tuned for updates and be sure to follow me on Instagram to catch each and every picture I'm going to be posting of our puppy.  I'm so tempted to talk and post about nothing else for the next few months!


  1. You should name him Sokka!! I think he looks like a Sokka.

    1. I actually suggested that! Caleb says that if the dog is goofy, he might be a Sokka. Other names in the running are Brig (short for Brigadier), Iroh, or Brigadier General Iroh. ;D

    2. General Iroh would be a fantastic name as well :)


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